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Rory's grandmother has always been good to me. Long before Rory and I were officially a couple, she treated me as part of the family. Since she arrived here, she has been so kind and supportive, always telling me I'm doing the right thing with the children.

She's also getting on well with Ana. Yesterday, Ana and I sat with her all afternoon while she knitted things for the babies. No green wool, of course. She's firmly convinced that the fairy colour isn't safe until they've been baptised.

I get so tired sometimes, and I don't know why, because I'm doing hardly anything. Even taking care of Bryony falls mostly to other people at the moment. Thankfully, Bryony is happy with that. All I really have to do is look after the twins, but even that seems to be too much for me at times and I just feel wiped out a lot of the time.

I'm glad Rory is so understanding. A lot of men would feel neglected and ignored. A lot of men would vanish to the pub and ignore me back. He just waits until we get a moment alone and then gives me a kiss or whispers that he loves me.

Last night, lying in his arms, I wished we could make love. I feel so close to him now and if I hadn't recently given birth, tired or not, I would have shown him how I feel last night. Instead, I could only rest my head on his chest and whisper that I love him. In my dreams, things went a lot further, but unfortunately, he doesn't get the benefit of my dreams.

Bryony insisted on brushing her own hair today. She didn't do it very well, but she was proud of herself for doing it. Later, she let her Princesses help her with it. When she showed me, I felt foolishly sad that there will be a time when I'm obsolete. Ana read my mind, as she so often does, and gave me a hug.

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