whiteturrets (whiteturrets) wrote,

Worried About Rory Worrying.

Something is bothering Rory and he won't tell me what. I think it's partly the horse and partly the difficulty in arranging the christening and, of course, his concern for Father Gill, who is still not at all well, but there's more to it.

I think he worries far too much about the children, and about me. He thinks I do too much, which is laughable when I have the staff to help and he does more than me anyway. Any time Bryony so much as bumps her head, he feels like a failure as a father. Patrick has started teething now and Rory never could stand to see his children crying when he has no way to make things better.

I just wish he knew how everyone talks about him. Other women point him out to their own husbands as an example of how to get it right. I hate seeing him so stressed. It's so unusual for him.

All I can do for now is try to make him feel better. So tonight, we're having colcannon and then, when the kids are all asleep, I'll lure him into his room and distract him properly.
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